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JLBC: Leadership


1. GENERAL: The JLBC cadet uniform is, with certain exceptions, the same as that worn by active-duty personnel. It is the distinctive dress of a proud and honorable profession. Male cadets and female cadets will learn how to wear the uniform correctly and with pride! Cadets must be aware of their responsibility for maintaining their uniforms in good order and for wearing them correctly. Uniforms are issued clean and in good repair. It is each Cadet's responsibility to keep it that way.

2. UNIFORM FITTING: The goal is to have all cadets with proper uniforms within the first 4-weeks of enrollment. Fitting will occur as time allows until all cadets have the required uniforms.

3. UNIFORM DAY: Uniforms will be worn on the designated scheduled "UNIFORM DAY." The type of uniform to be worn or special requirements for the coming week will be posted by the Corps Cadet Superintendent or 1st Sergeant before the first period on Friday the week prior. Failure to wear your uniform when directed will result in a zero for that week. Officers and NCOs will be removed from their positions, and all may be reduced in rank.

Note: The uniform must be worn the entire school day to receive grade credit. The uniform may be removed for PE, dance, sports, or lab work only if the ASI grants prior approval. Upon completion of the activity (sports, lab, etc.), cadets MUST put their uniform back on unless the Cadet was authorized to remove it for the last block of the day.

4. UNIFORM GRADE AND MAKEUP POLICY: Uniform wear is a large part of the JLBC program. A cadet may earn up to 100 points, weighted 60% of the total 9- week grade. All cadets are required to ARRIVE at school wearing the appropriate uniform each Wednesday or Thursday and remain uniform until the school day's end. JLBC Cadets Failure to do so will result in a zero for that grade. Below are situations regarding uniform wear as it relates to the uniform quality:

a. Cadets wearing the uniform correctly on their designated day the entire school day may earn full credit minus discrepancies found during the inspection.

b. Cadet has an excused absence on a uniform day: The Cadet may wear the uniform the first day upon return to school for full credit minus any discrepancies found during the makeup inspection. If not worn on the first day, cadets will receive a zero.

c. Cadet has an unexcused absence on a uniform day. The grade will be a zero.

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