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JLBC cadets, when at the dinner table, all guests wait until the JLBC senior signals to begin any course by picking up their silverware. All must be served in small groups before eating cannot commence. However, at huge gatherings or parties, the guests begin eating when given their plates, so the food does not get cold. JLBC cadets keep conversation general at a small JLBC event table. JLBC cadets at a long table, it's OK to break the conversations up into two JLBC groups or more if feasible. The JLBC guest waits for the host to start the business discussion at a business lunch or dinner. When eating, do not put elbows on the table, but it is appropriate to put elbows on the table when in conversations between food courses. JLBC cadets sit straight in the chair and do not blow on hot food for cooling.


JLBC Cadets' introductions are governed by three basic JLBC rules & can be implemented in almost every situation. JLBC Cadets introduce a male to a female cadet, introduce an adult to a much older one, & introduce the lower rank to the higher rank. JLBC Cadet's introduction should be not wordy & brief, or awkward. The JLBC host always shakes the hands of the guests upon arrival & departure. JLBC Females always have the choice to shake hands or not. JLBC Males should always shake hands with other males to whom they are being introduced, unless it is awkward, for example, leaning across others while seated at the dinner table.


JLBC cadets, before visiting someone, an appointment should be made. JLBC cadets do not show up uninvited. Cadets Make it a point never to visit on holidays or Sundays, early in the morning, late at night, at mealtime, or on days of inclement weather, unless specifically invited. JLBC cadets make the visits short, remember that you are a guest, and thank the host (ess) before departing; it is a custom to bring a gift when visiting someone's home. The contribution may only be fruit, drink, flowers, etc., or something to show your gratitude to be a guest.


JLBC cadets, when guiding a higher ranking person, walk to the front with a slightly bent forward posture; this shows proper respect. At JLBC meetings, be attentive to the needs of the JLBC superior, for example, if he or she should need a pen or pad of paper. If not escorting an excellent or exceptional's family but are with an outstanding, always walk to the rear, open doors for the JLBC superior, and be attentive to the needs as previously mentioned.


JLBC cadets while at formal ceremonies: the seat of honor is to the chairperson's right, then the next highest JLBC position is to their left. JLBC cadets at social gatherings, with a speaker present, the highest-ranking persons have an opportunity to speak after the speaker. The highest-ranking JLBC person will leave a crowded room first when the JLBC ceremony is over, followed by the others in order of JLBC rank.


JLBC cadets, it is the privilege of the individual to drink as much as they want in private when they are of legal age. JLBC cadets and staff showing the effects of too much to drink in public is unacceptable because a drunk is always a problem in one way or another. JLBC cadets never smoke in any place of worship or a religious ceremony out of doors, while in court, during the national anthem, or during the raising or lowering of the national flag. When greeting someone, remove the cigarette or vape devices from your mouth.


The JLBC instructor (s) is to set the example for their students or cadets to follow. JLBC Instructors help their cadets to find solutions to their problems. JLBC Instructors should refrain from speaking to their students as though giving the order but is to be sincere and humble. JLBC instructors are to avoid violence & the appearance of a pleasure seeker. JLBC Instructors should live a clean & productive life free of drugs & alcohol. They should involve themselves in community functions and practice justice and unselfishness.


In the event of social activities, the seating of the head table will include not just the senior JLBC belts but also spouses. Recognize spouses & parents of old JLBC belts with the same respect. Most customs apply to most JLBC social events. JLBC cadets, if you have any questions or doubts about proper mannerisms, don't hesitate to get in talk with your JLBC instructor. JLBC cadets, if you are attending a social event, especially where JLBC instructors are present, ask questions before. Many of our norms may be conceived in the wrong manner. As long as it seems you are making an honest effort. Most are honored in making an on-the-spot correction. The bottom line is to behave with self-respect, for you represent not only yourself but your JLBC Program.

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