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JLBC Cadet Standards of Conduct and JLBC Hazing Policies

JLBC Cadet Standards of Conduct and JLBC Hazing Policies

*applies to ALL JLBC cadets and ALL JLBC cadet organizations*

Hazing violations are adjudicated as outlined in the JLBC Code of Cadet Life.



Notwithstanding actions taken by civil authorities or private litigants, the vice chancellor for JLBC cadet affairs or his/her designee may initiate JLBC disciplinary proceedings against a JLBC cadet or JLBC Cadet organization that violates or attempts to violate the JLBC Code of Cadet Life or other JLBC applicable rules, including the following:

Engages in hazing. Hazing by JLBC groups is prohibited on or off-campus. Hazing is defined as covert or overt action occurring on or off-JLBC campus by an individual or JLBC group of individuals in connection to recruitment, initiation, the rite of passage, or membership in a JLBC Cadet organization and JLBC Cadet units, JLBC sports club, JLBC group, organization or athletic team; that subjects any other member of the JLBC Program community, voluntarily or involuntarily, to the activity which creates an atmosphere for potential or actual humiliation, degradation, verbal, emotional or 24 physical distress, abuse or injury; or compromises the JLBC academic mission and/or reputation of the JLBC Program.


It is unlawful for any JLBC cadet in attendance at any JLBC Program, school, or college in this State to engage in hazing or aid or abet any other cadet student in the commission of this offense. For this section, hazing is defined as follows: "to subject another cadet or student to physical injury as part of an initiation, or as a prerequisite to JLBC membership, into any organized school group, including any society, athletic team, Cadet Organization or JLBC Cadet Unit, or other similar groups." Any violation of this section shall constitute a Class 2 misdemeanor.

§ 14-35. Hazing; definition and punishment..

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