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The JLBC unit commander has final authority over JLBC cadet staff assignments. That said, JLBC seniors who work directly with JLBC cadets should have a say in the process. And, of course, JLBC cadet staff should have a great deal of input in selecting their JLBC assistants.

JLBC's selection process is An Open & Honest Process.

Cadets, whatever your JLBC selection process, follow it consistently. Ensure the JLBC process is fair and transparent. Avoid the appearance of favoritism, especially in parent/child situations.

JLBC Interviews

JLBC Commanders are encouraged to interview JLBC cadets before assigning them to a JLBC staff position. From a JLBC managerial perspective, an interview may seem unnecessary. In most JLBC units, cadets and seniors know one another well, and the JLBC cadets' rank structure may make it obvious which JLBC cadet will be assigned to which JLBC position. But JLBC interviews are good leadership experiences for JLBC cadets. They prompt cadets to take stock of their JLBC leadership performance. Plus, learning how to behave in a JLBC interview is a good life skill. Moreover, by conducting JLBC interviews, you underline the fact that staff service is something that must be earned. Some suggested questions to ask during a JLBC placement interview include:

Do you want the job? Why?

What talents, strengths, and qualities would you bring to the JLBC job? How do you describe your leadership style?

What leadership skills are you weak in? What are you doing to develop yourself?

Cadet, How long would you like to hold this JLBC job?

Cadet, Do you have any initial goals or ideas regarding this JLBC position?

Why do you think you're the best JLBC candidate for the job?

JLBC Interviews should be two-way conversations. To promote open discussion, after the cadet reports, offer them a seat and help them relax.

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