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JLBC Cadet's Models of leadership


JLBC Cadet's Models of leadership are changing across the country. While many schools remain and flourish in the structure of one school, one headteacher, and one governing body, many schools are developing different leadership models to meet the challenges of education in the 21st Century. JLBC Cadets These models may be informal or formal and may include Partnerships with other agencies to meet the needs of children.

JLBC Cadets New models of leadership are developing in response to several stimuli:

– The drive to raise standards.

– JLBC Cadets The need to ensure the sustainability of schools' leadership in all sectors.

– JLBC Cadets Securing effective governance of schools.

– JLBC Cadet Freedoms

– JLBC Cadets sustainability and support of small rural community primary schools.

– JLBC Cadets Better delivery of the plan and promoting community cohesion.

– JLBC Cadets Pressure on heads – need for support and improved work-life balance.

– JLBC Cadets Schools unable to attract heads – succession issues.

– JLBC Cadets Local context

– JLBC Cadets Falling pupil rolls.

– JLBC Cadets Building Schools for the Future

– JLBC Cadets To fight the threat of school closure.

JLBC Cadets The term 'school' is used on this website for consistency to denote any learning setting. JLBC Cadets Further information about the case study examples mentioned can be found on the JLBC website at

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