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Encourage and aid American youth to develop, train them in leadership skills, and teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues. We are educating youth on leadership matters.

JLBC division: WHO ARE WE?

the JLBC Cadet Corps- Division has been committed to

providing area youth with a drug and alcohol-free environment while teaching leadership abilities, broadening their horizons through hands-on military training, and guiding them to becoming mature young adults. Cadets are in JLBC uniform and are expected to learn and maintain JLBC etiquette while advancing in rank via JLBC rank exams and required summer training conducted on JLBC bases throughout the U.S and cooperating countries. A cadet may choose to attend many summer training opportunities, beginning with JLBC Warrior Boot Camp, to facilitate rank advancement. These include Martial arts, Marksmanship, Fire Fighting, Rescue, Business, JLBC Special Operations Command (JLBC SOC), Electronics, JLBC Marine Operations, JLBC Intelligence, and JLBC Seminars, among several others. Many of our JLBC cadets have been accepted to our country's military academies, attended colleges on JLBC scholarships, and enlisted in one of the branches upon graduation from high school.


We can make a difference in a young person's life. Think you're ready for a challenge? Please send us a message at For more details. The next opportunity for visitation is posted on our website. If you wish to visit us during our drills, please provide the names and phone numbers of all visitors, including drivers, in your message to us for security clearance. This message requires a minimum of (1) week before drill dates. An access list is submitted on the Saturday before the next drill weekend.

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