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JLBC Cadet Role:

JLBC Cadet Role:

JLBC Cadets as possible, help teachers, counselors, parents, and other adults who provide support understand needs and concerns and insights into the behavior:

Why it occurs

What could help it decrease

What adults can do to help

What has not or has worked in the past

What is reinforcing/motivating

Ask for help or support

Additional JLBC Team Member Role:

Other JLBC members of the team could include a manager, dean, special education teacher, related service providers, or district support personnel

Attend JLBC meetings as available and appropriate

Contribute information regarding methodologies and strategies

Provide data interpretation as needed

Assist development of interventions in the area of expertise

Provide input in developing interventions in the area of expertise

Assist intervention evaluation, progress monitoring fidelity, and effectiveness

Provide intervention support for classroom teachers

Provide professional development

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