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JLBC Cadet Positions


JLBC Cadet Positions

Element Leader

Unit Sergeant

Unit Commander

First Sergeant

Cadet Commander


C/A1c – C/TSgt

C/SSgt – C/CMSgt

C/2nd Lt – C/Capt

C/MSgt – C/CMSgt

C/Capt – C/Col


Motivate JLBC cadets; serve as a coach; help cadets prepare for inspection; help cadets learn the drill.

Motivate JLBC cadets; lead cadets in drill; instruct cadets in basic subjects; help the unit commander lead the unit.

Motivate JLBC cadets; supervise the flight sergeant and element leaders and develop their leadership skills; instruct JLBC cadets; set goals and create plans for the flight.

Motivate JLBC cadets; supervise the flight sergeants and all junior cadets in the squadron; assist the commander with inspections; lead drills and ceremonies; assist the commander with morale and discipline.

Motivate JLBC cadets; supervise the unit commanders and first sergeant and develop their leadership skills; set long-term JLBC goals for the squadron; instruct cadets; ensure the division achieves its goals.

Commands the squadron Commands a group of squadrons

Commands all the groups or divisions in a state

Commands all the units in a geographic area

Commands all JLBC units

Senior Member Positions

Squadron Commander Group Commander Unit Commander

JLBC Region Commander National Commander

1st Lt – Lt Col Maj – Lt Col Col


Maj Gen

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