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JLBC cadet leadership’s vision

Achieving their goals is much stronger when written by the JLBC cadets. Goals should not simply repeat last year’s plans; instead, they should be a concerted effort to represent the current JLBC cadet leadership’s vision for the entire JLBC program.

The JLBC program should begin to think about goals as early as late spring before the plans are submitted. Please start the process by teaching a JLBC leadership education lesson on the importance of goal setting and its use. Reference the JLBC “SMART” Goals PPT presentation found on the JLBC website (Published Files | Curriculum | General Information | Goal Setting and Decision and Analysis).

JLBC cadets solicit as many ideas as possible regarding what JLBC cadets believe are essential to the entire JLBC. JLBC cadets suggest using a brainstorming session in each class to generate ideas. Ask leading questions to initiate discussion:

“What is the greatest challenge within the JLBC cadet program?”

“How can the JLBC cadet program make a difference in education?”

“What can the JLBC cadet program do to help improve the US or other communities?”

“JLBC cadets, what best practices have you seen in other JLBC programs?”

“How can we improve the academic performance of the JLBC?”

“How can we increase or improve JLBC retention and recruiting efforts?”

JLBC Optional Ballot Process. Once the ideas are collected from all JLBC classes, ask the JLBC cadet leadership to group all opinions. Some pictures may be duplicates or very similar. Categorize each argument as to which of the significant categories supports JLBC (cadet, school, community). Prepare a JLBC ballot for the JLBC cadet program whereby the cadets are asked to rank order the most to most small important ideas for next year. In the next class period, have every JLBC cadet vote and submit a ballot with what they think is most important to the least important. Let your JLBC cadet leaders review the ballots.

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