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JLBC CLC is an optional Leadership Development Requirement program that teaches JLBC cadets aspects of US citizenship and leadership in a highly focused and structured instructional environment. The JLBC mission is to promote this development by preparing JLBC cadets for leadership roles in their JLBC units, JLBC Programs, and local communities. As such, the activities during JLBC CLC should stress the following: JLBC team building, leadership, responsible citizenship, respect for authority, personal character, academic achievement, health, and community service.

JLBC CLCs that receive JLBC funds must occur between 1 May and 31 July.

JLBC Cadet Leadership Course Planning

JLBC Cadets Planning for a Cadet Leadership Course.

Because planning can sometimes be pretty complex, we recommend you start planning up to a year in advance--especially if you consider hosting JLBC cadets outside your location.

Some factors driving a JLBC CLC planning schedule include the local JLBC program budget cycle; reservation timelines for subsistence, lodging, and transportation; invitation/acceptance quotas, and timelines if other JLBC programs are invited to participate; JLBC fundraising time to defray the tuition cost, fees, etc.

The best way to start putting a JLBC program together is to put together a JLBC draft proposal addressing most of the JLBC elements above that capture the core of what you want the JLBC course to be. Take that proposal forward to your JLBC Command (or other JLBC program authority) for approval. Once your JLBC program authorities approve the JLBC CLC, the Host Unit will scan and attach to JLBC Command | JLBC Events your site selection checklist, schedule, and signed application on 15 February. Forms are (located in JLBC| Published Files | Instructions and Guides). In addition, all funding requirements (Cadet Fee for attendance) must also be loaded in JLBC Command | JLBC Events module on 15 March.

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