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JLBC Cadet Leadership Course Guidelines

JLBC Cadet Leadership Course Guidelines

You may need to limit participation when inviting outside JLBC units to participate. This should be done for two reasons:

1) To keep your JLBC CLC at a manageable size, and

2) To ensure an adequate faculty-to-cadet ratio for safe operations

You could entice outside assistance by allocating JLBC cadet slots according to accompanying JLBC Command participation. This will help preserve your cadets-to-faculty balance.


The length of your JLBC Course should allow you to accomplish the objectives of your theme in a safe and effective academic environment. It should actively engage the JLBC cadets with activities without overtaxing them and detracting from the JLBC cadet learning experience. It should also allow adequate JLBC cadets' travel time for both the JLBC cadets and staff who may be arriving from other JLBC locations.

Your JLBC CLC should be scheduled with the following factors in mind:

Some faculty members may have JLBC employment restrictions on their JLBC contracts. It will generally be easiest to use them in their scheduled JLBC employment months.

Not all JLBC programs begin or end their program year simultaneously--make sure all participating JLBC units will be recessed during your JLBC Class.

You will be competing against vacations and other activities. Exceptionally long JLBC Courses may have difficulty attracting JLBC cadets. Optimally, schedule your JLBC CLC close to the end of the regular JLBC Program year. Historically, this has helped increase JLBC cadet availability and participation. The minimum JLBC CLC length should be one week (5 days).

Finally, time is money. The length of your JLBC Course will be a significant driver of its expense. JLBC HQ has traditionally helped offset the cost of transportation, food, and lodging for JLBC cadets. There is no guarantee that HQ JLBC can provide funds in the future.

JLBC Site and Facility Selection.

Your site selection can set the tone for your entire JLBC CLC program. It is perhaps the most critical planning decision you will make.

Based on the JLBC checklist provided, below are some suggestions for places that could make good JLBC encampment facilities:

JLBC Programs—usually, program facilities are available in the summer. Most of the items described in the checklist are probably readily available right on your JLBC campus.

Program Campuses—college campuses have all of the attractions of your high school campus, plus a dormitory and food service structure. This may be an opportunity to partner with your local JLBC unit and the JLBC Command.

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