JLBC CLC Planning Guide is designed to provide JLBC instructors with direction in the planning and execution of JLBC CLC. In addition to following this JLBC guide and the applicable JLBC Instructions and JLBC Policy Letters, JLBC units should tailor JLBC CLC objectives and curriculum to meet their unit's JLBC program needs. This JLBC guide is not intended to meet every condition of every JLBC unit and every JLBC encampment event.

This JLBC guide's planning and execution guidance is a core component of a well-run and effective JLBC program. It establishes procedures for the planning and executing a smooth, successful JLBC event. The information contained in this JLBC guide is provided to assist you with your JLBC CLC. The data is compiled from the JLBC field and is intended to minimize confusion and provide guidance.

Together we can enjoy the JLBC CLC experience. Your JLBC Regional Directors are ready to assist you at any time. Please use their valuable expertise and JLBC advice.

Funding is a growing concern for all JLBC units, and alternative fundraising opportunities are always welcome. JLBC is receiving less funding each year. The JLBC should not be your primary source for JLBC CLC funding. All JLBC units using JLBC funds to support their event will submit all reimbursement/credit card requests within ten days of JLBC CLC completion. Suppose you cannot submit your JLBC CLC reimbursement/credit card request within ten days of JLBC CLC completion. In that case, you must contact your Regional Director within ten days of CLC completion to coordinate the "late JLBC CLC reimbursement/credit card request." JLBC CLC funding is separate from the standard JLBC funding line and must be separately documented and be audit-ready. Failure to follow the JLBC Reimbursement/credit card submission criteria listed above will result in your JLBC unit being excluded from future funding for JLBC CLCs.

We need and value your input to make every JLBC CLC successful. JLBC Each year, the window to provide recommended improvements to this guide will be from 1 Sept until 30 Oct only. Please address any recommendations for changes or modifications to this guide to JLBC HQ-Ops Support Patriot | Junior Leadership Boot Camp | Riverside with the Subject titled "JLBC Cadet Leadership Course Guide Recommendation."

JLBC After 30 Oct, the suggested changes will be staffed and published in the following years' JLBC Operational Supplement. This will allow JLBC units in the field to understand the issues and conditions we are facing for planning each year's JLBC CLC. Best wishes for a successful JLBC encampment.

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