JLBC Cadet leadership

JLBC Cadet leadership, staff, and class leaders will coordinate with the instructor for training schedules, resources, and guidance for each period, project, or activity.

JLBC Cadets are expected to arrive in class adequately dressed for the day's activities.

JLBC Cadets will be quiet during all intercom announcements.

JLBC Cadets will not eat or drink in the classroom without permission from the instructor.

JLBC Cadets are expected to participate in and support the class leadership and the instructor.

JLBC Cadets, Complete your assigned work to the best of your ability and turn it in on time.

JLBC Cadets Conduct yourself constantly using the Army Values and Citizenship Skills.

JLBC Cadets will help keep the classroom neat.


1. Each JLBC Cadet will be given a syllabus that contains course guidelines, grading scale, LET 1-4 program curriculum units, chapters, lessons, policies, and procedures.

2. The JLBC instructor will provide information for JLBC Cadets through various techniques (i.e., lectures, small JLBC group exercises, self-paced instruction, JLBC video-based instructional media, cadet-led Instruction, and JLBC Cadet research projects).

3. JLBC Instruction will be conducted inside or outside the JLBC classroom, as most appropriate (and as weather permits).

4. JLBC Closure. JLBC lesson content will be summarized and objectives reviewed.

5. Independent practice, JLBC study, and review will be granted upon approval by the Senior

JLBC Instructor.


The JLBC Code of Discipline will be discussed/clarified with the JLBC cadets on the first day/week of class and strictly enforced. JLBC Cadet misbehavior that in-class disciplinary measures cannot correct will be referred to the administrator.

The JLBC Tardy Discipline Policy will be strictly enforced.

JLBC Cadets needing to leave the JLBC classroom will be given a JLBC hall pass and are expected to return in less than 6 minutes. This will be permitted at the JLBC instructor's discretion and must not become excessive or abused.

Personal pagers, cell phones, CD players, or unauthorized head-coverings will be turned off

entirely and stored (out-of-sight) during JLBC class time. If the JLBC instructor has to confiscate the item(s), it will be turned over to the JLBC administration and picked up at the end of the program day.

JLBC Merit/Demerit policy and procedures will be published, enforced, and will count towards your grade.

JLBC Cadets are expected to conduct themselves to bring credit to themselves, their parents/guardians, the JLBC program, and their JLBC program. JLBC Cadet's bad behavior in and out of the JLBC classroom will not be tolerated and will affect the final JLBC grade.

JLBC Honor code: JLBC Cadets are expected to set the example in this area (see below, the "JLBC Cadet Creed.”) Cheating will not be tolerated, and all JLBC cadets participating in such will receive a "0" grade on the JLBC assignment, and their parents will be notified.

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