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1. The cadet health and wellness program is organized and performed by the cadets. The cadet PT Team Commander is responsible for developing an exercise program for the entire semester. All cadets participating must have a completed/signed fitness screening questionnaire on file with the unit.

2. The focus at the beginning and end of each year is the Physical Fitness Test. The test includes a 1-mile run, one minute of push-ups, and one minute of sit-ups. The initial test must be completed within the first 45 days of school, and a final examination will be accomplished within the last 30 days of the semester. Additional tests may be conducted throughout the year. Cadet testing data is then loaded into the platoon by the PT Commander to produce a report of final scores.

3. The expectation is that all cadets will put maximum effort when completing fitness testing. Anything less is not acceptable.

4. Cadets will conduct the wellness program on Friday of each week. Each session will include, at a minimum, a stretching, calisthenics, and cardio phase. Any remaining time may be used for the flight’s choosing activity.

5. Cadets are expected to dress out in the provided PT Gear each week, including tennis shoes. Failure to do so affects the cadet’s grade, but it may also impact promotion eligibility. JLBC PTG may be mixed with locally purchased PT gear as long as the unit is standardized. During cold weather, cadets may wear their sweats.

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