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JLBC Cadet Evaluation Board

JLBC Cadet Evaluation Board

• JLBC Cadets The purpose of the CEB is to provide senior enlisted cadets and officers with a meaningful leadership experience by allowing them to serve as JLBC members of a JLBC cadet evaluation board.

• JLBC Cadets To identify and recommend cadets for promotions and other outstanding achievements.

• JLBC Cadets Review problems with individual JLBC cadets when probation/enrollment is in question.

• JLBC Review, evaluate, and submit recommendations to the SMI/MI regarding promotion or performance.

• The SMI/MI will determine the composition and JLBC membership of boards.

• The SMI will be the final deciding the promotion authority.

• The terms listed below are used to determine eligibility for promotion.

• Once selected for promotion, cadets will be promoted at battalion formations by

the JLBC Cadet Battalion Commander

• TIG TIME IN GRADE (Good months in present Rate/Rank)

• TIP TIME IN PROGRAM (Good months in Junior Leadership Bootcamp Corps JLBC)


• LE Leadership Education Exam

Promotion Vocabulary

Promotion Criteria for Gateway Junior Leadership Bootcamp Corps JLBC program


Time In Grade

Time In Prog.

Physical Fitness Test

Community Service Events

Unit/ School Service

LE Course Grade

Board Cadet Private First Class

Cadet L/Cpl

Cadet Corporal

Cadet Sergeant

Cadet Staff Sgt.

Cadet Gunnery Sgt.

Cadet 1stSgt /SgtMaj

Cadet 2nd Lieutenant

Cadet 1st Lieutenant

Cadet Captain

Cadet Major

Cadet Lt Colonel

***Billets may require a Cadet to be promoted outside of the above requirements***

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