JLBC Cadet Corps: The State of California

JLBC Cadet Corps: The State of California

JLBC California Basics

Standard: JLBC Cadets learn duty, service, and responsibility as school citizens, their community, the State of California, and the United States.



JLBC Cadets After this training, 80% of JLBC Cadets will be able to explain the design of the government of California and how it carries out governmental functions.

JLBC Plan of Action:

1. JLBC Cadets Be able to identify the three branches of California state government and describe in general ways what makes up each branch.

2. JLBC Cadets Describe the function of the California State Cabinet.

3. JLBC Cadets Match the executive branch elected officials to the office they hold

4. JLBC Cadets Name the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Adjutant General.

5. JLBC Cadets Describe the legislative breakdown of senators and representatives and name the ones that

represent you.

6. JLBC Cadets Name the three types of state courts in California.

7. JLBC Cadets Identify the steps for a bill to become law in California.

8. JLBC Cadets Match facts about California Governors with the Governor.

9. JLBC Cadets Identify the steps in the ballot initiative process.

10. Describe a ballot initiative.

11. Name a government trend that’s predicted for the future.

12. Name a trend that describes the JLBC Cadet Corps.

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