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JLBC Cadet Corps Structure and Organization

JLBC Cadet Corps Structure and Organization

The JLBC (Junior Leadership and Behavior Cadet) Cadet Corps operates within a hierarchical structure similar to military organizations. This structure promotes discipline, responsibility, and leadership among cadets. Here's a basic breakdown of the organization's system:

Cadet Ranks

  1. Cadet Private: This is the entry-level rank for all new cadets. They learn the basics of the program and start their leadership development journey.

  2. Cadet Corporal: Cadets who demonstrate responsibility and leadership potential may be promoted to this rank, where they may begin to lead small teams.

  3. Cadet Sergeant: At this level, cadets take on more leadership responsibility, typically overseeing several teams and participating in the planning and execution of Corps activities.

  4. Cadet Lieutenant: These cadets have demonstrated exceptional leadership and are responsible for a section of the Corps. They also act as assistants to the Cadet Captains.

  5. Cadet Captain: Cadet Captains are senior leaders within the Corps, overseeing all activities and personnel within their assigned company.

  6. Cadet Major: The Cadet Major is the second-in-command of the entire Corps, assisting the Cadet Colonel with managing the Corps.

  7. Cadet Colonel: This is the highest cadet rank. The Cadet Colonel is responsible for the overall operation of the Corps under the supervision of adult leaders.

Adult Leaders

The adult leaders provide guidance, training, and oversight to the cadets. They include:

  1. Commandant: The Commandant is the overall leader of the JLBC Cadet Corps program. They provide strategic direction, oversee the adult leaders, and liaise with school administrators and community partners.

  2. Instructors: Instructors deliver the Cadet Corps curriculum, mentor cadets, and supervise cadet activities. They often have backgrounds in education, leadership development, or the military.

  3. Support Staff: These individuals handle administrative and logistical tasks, such as maintaining records, managing equipment, and coordinating events.


The Cadet Corps is organized into units for practical management:

  1. Teams: Each team consists of a small group of cadets led by a Cadet Corporal.

  2. Squads: Several teams make up a squad led by a Cadet Sergeant.

  3. Platoons: Several squads form a platoon, which a Cadet Lieutenant leads.

  4. Companies: Each company comprises several platoons and is led by a Cadet Captain.

  5. Battalion: The Cadet Corps forms a division led by the Cadet Major and Cadet Colonel.

This structure provides cadets a transparent chain of command and various leadership opportunities. It allows the JLBC Cadet Corps to operate effectively and fosters teamwork and camaraderie among its members.

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