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JLBC Cadet Corps: Profiles in Leadership

JLBC Cadet Corps: Profiles in Leadership

JLBC: Inspirational Leaders

To be an effective, inspiring JLBC leader, learn from the best. Role modeling and JLBC learning from successful individuals is one way of improving your JLBC leadership skills.

This JLBC lesson is meant to be a practical exercise in profiling leaders. JLBC Cadets can try this out on their own or be assigned it as a JLBC self-study project to identify, JLBC research, and develop a profile of a JLBC inspirational leader. JLBC Cadets The goals of this JLBC lesson are to be reflective about leadership, identify the characteristics, JLBC traits, or lessons we can learn from leaders we choose to study, and conduct adequate research and writing to develop a profile of the Leader you’re looking for.

JLBC Cadets In these Leadership Profiles, we have accepted a general format for a JLBC leadership profile. It

consists of:

•JLBC A Brief Biography

• JLBC Leadership Lessons

• JLBC Quotes from the Leader

• JLBC Related Books

• JLBC Related Videos

• JLBC Related Links

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