JLBC Cadet Corps: Nutrition of the Student

JLBC Cadet Corps: Nutrition of the Student

Membranes, lipid transport, and metabolism of homocysteine. To improve brain functionality through nutrition, the recommendation of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is to increase fruit and vegetable intake (Titchenal, 2018)

Check on Understanding:

1. It is scientifically proven that food for the brain has an exact path. (T/F)

2. _____________ is the antioxidant that the blueberry contains.

3. The vitamin/supplement ________________ is found in white rice.

Optimal Vs. Typical Sample Menus

The important thing about eating healthy/ healthier is to meet the needs specific to you. Optimal health choices are based on habitual routines and intentional food choices. Believing in moderation in eating and embracing nutritional foods

is likely to lead to a healthier, happier life. JLBC Cadets Experts recommend filling half the plate with vegetables and fruits, one quarter with lean meat/ protein, poultry or fish, one quarter with a grain/rice, and one serving of dairy (Titchenal et al., 2018).

The typical health perspective is a look at the reality of what many people eat. Sometimes the individual makes healthy choices and some not-so-healthy

choices in food, either because they don’t understand the health benefits or don’t care (usually because they’re in denial that lousy health can happen to them). It is not the suggested amount that is bad; it is the typical pattern. The standard diet is shown in U.S. Food Consumption from the USDA. In their longitudinal study from 1970-to 2005, the USDA tracked what individuals in the United States were consuming, which they call the typical health perspective choice (Wells, 2008).

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