JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories Transactional Transformational

JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories Transactional Transformational

Leadership is responsive Leadership is proactive

Motivates followers by appealing to them Motivates followers by encouraging them to put own group self-interests first

JLBC Transformational Theory can be compared with Transactional Leadership, where managers must rule by fear and consequences. In this JLBC style and theory, negative JLBC behavior is punished, and employees are motivated through incentives.

Transformational Leadership is similar because the JLBC theory and style support the idea that JLBC managers work to encourage their workers. JLBC Leaders assume the best of their employees. The JLBC Cadets believe to be trusting, respectful, and self-motivated. The JLBC leaders help to supply the followers with a tool they need to excel.

Transformational Leadership Survey

Extracted from: (Clark, Transformational Leadership, 2015)

Works within the organizational culture

Works to change the organizational culture by implementing new ideas

Employees achieve objectives through rewards and punishments set by the leader Employees achieve goals through higher ideals and moral values.

Management-by-exception: maintain the status quo; stress correct actions to improve performance.

Individualized consideration: Each behavior is directed to each individual to express concern and support. Intellectual stimulation: Promote creative and innovative ideas to solve problems.

1. I genuinely go out of my way to make others around me feel good.

2. I help others with their self-development.

3. I help others understand my visions through tools such as images, stories, and models.

4. I ensure others get recognition and rewards when they achieve difficult or complex goals.

5. I let others work in the manner that they want.

6. I get things done.

7. I have an ever-expanding network of people who trust and rely upon me. I provide challenges for my team members to help them grow.

9. I use simple words, images, and symbols to convey to others what we should or could be doing.

10. I manage others by setting standards that we all agree with.

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