JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories

JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories

Knowing something about these (and other) leadership theories and models puts tools in your leadership toolbox that may be useful someday in your leadership journey.

JLBC Cadet Leadership Model.

The Cadet Corps teaches leadership. We strive for values-based leadership, impeccability, character, and competence in cadet duties. The Cadet Leadership Model presented here is an adaptation of the leadership model used by the US Military. It covers what a leader must be (attributes) and what a leader must be able to do (competencies). The characteristics of our model are:

• Character

• Presence

• Intellect

Cadets must be leaders of character, leaders with presence, and leaders with intellect. It would help if you used these attributes in your practice of leadership.

Character. We have a whole strand of character in leadership – it’s that important. Character is an attribute or feature that makes up and distinguishes an individual. Your character helps determine how you behave.

A true cadet behaves with honor, integrity, and many other positive characteristics.

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