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JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories

JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories

This JLBC questionnaire contains statements about authentic JLBC leadership. Next to each account, circle the number that represents how you feel about the information by using the following scoring system:

• Almost Always True — 5

• Mostly True — 4

• Occasionally True — 3

• Seldom True — 2

• Rarely True — 1

JLBC Cadets, be very honest about your choices, as this will help you to identify your strengths and areas that you geninelly need improvement. If you are not in a JLBC leadership position, try to relate each question to similar actions you have taken in the past.

Authentic Leadership Survey

1. I know my true passions and the directions to achieve them.

2. The actions I take are always aligned with my values.

3. One of my passions is serving customers.

4. I enjoy helping others understand their work's value and more profound purpose.

6. I look forward to creating genuine relationships through my connections at work.

7. My team knows they can always rely on me because my values ensure I'm always consistent with my actions.

8. When facing decisions, I usually consult with my team. However, my deeply held values are the most important thing that affects the outcome.

9. One of the main reasons my team not only follows me but also dedicates themselves to the common cause is that they feel I'm genuinely interested in serving them.

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