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JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories

JLBC CADET CORPS Leadership Skills & Theories

JLBC Cadets unauthentic JLBC leaders hide behind masks

While the above JLBC definition is centered upon the JLBC leader or self, it is the actions of the JLBC leader that are perceived by others that determine if they believe a leader is authentic. JLBC Cadets And their perception is accomplished through the social influence of the JLBC leader. JLBC Cadets One recent definition of leadership is: JLBC Leadership is a process of social impact, which maximizes the efforts of other JLBC Cadets towards the achievement of a JLBC goal (Kruse, 2013).

Thus, a leader's authenticity emphasizes building their legitimacy through honest relationships and ethical actions that, in turn, maximize the efforts of others to achieve the JLBC goal.

JLBC Cadets, In addition, Bill George noted that there were five dimensions of Authentic Leaders (2003, 2007) :

• JLBC Cadets Pursuing purpose with passion: Display purpose and direction, so people want to follow you (your love will show you the proper way to achieve the goal of JLBC leadership).

• JLBC Cadets Practice solid values: We are defined by our values and characteristics. JLBC Cadets No one will trust you or want to follow you if you do not have integrity.

• JLBC Cadets Lead with the heart: Engage the hearts of those you serve and align their interests with those you lead. It would help if you had empathy and compassion for the people you work with and the courage to make difficult decisions

• JLBC Cadets Establish enduring relationships: JLBC Cadets Enduring relationships are built on connectedness and a shared purpose of working together toward a common JLBC goal. Individuals need personal relationships to fully commit to working.

• JLBC Cadets Demonstrate self-discipline: Converts value into consistent action to produce results.

JLBC Cadets Always take full responsibility for outcomes and hold others for their performance.

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