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JLBC Cadet Corps Leadership Roles oversee appropriate training.

JLBC Cadet Corps Leadership Roles oversee appropriate training.

The Training Officer ensures the ongoing military education of JLBC Cadets.

The JLBC S3:

• Creates operational plans which are implemented by all unit leaders and staff

• Coordinates activities and operations with other members of the staff

• Advises the commander concerning training and other matters that can affect the unit's status

before, during, and after operations

• Publishes and maintains training schedules and files

• Manages training resources/aids for the unit

• Visit smaller units within the battalions to assess their leadership readiness and, when necessary, direct additional training

• Works with staff and subordinate units to produce AARs for unit events

JLBC: Supply and Logistics

The Supply Officer manages all supplies and equipment, from clothing items to event supplies. Usually, Supply Officers serve at the battalion level, but they supervise the Supply Sergeants serving at the company level. They are tasked with managing unit supplies' storage, property accountability, and logistics support of unit activities.


• Conducts periodic inventories of property

• Requisitions receives and stores supplies issued to

the organization

• Prepares staff recommendations for the unit commander

regarding the lateral transfer of supplies from one

subordinate unit to another

• Requisitions and stocks the awards necessary to

implement the awards program

• Maintains individual clothing records

• Maintains unit property book stock records

• Maintains Temporary Hand Receipts

• Plans, coordinates, and executes the logistics support

necessary to support unit activities

JLBC: Civic, Public & Military Relations

This position serves as the officer responsible for public outreach, engagement, and relationship management with several primary audiences: Cadets, parents and families, local communities, and legislative offices. The purpose of the CPMRO is to tell the JLBC unit's and JLBC Cadet Corps' stories.

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