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JLBC Cadet Corps: Leadership Roles

JLBC Cadet Corps: Leadership Roles

JLBC Commanders and JLBC staff conduct JLBC inspections to determine the condition of the JLBC command. Using JLBC checklists prepared by the various JLBC staff sections, JLBC commanders and JLBC staff conduct inspections to collect information to assess the readiness of the JLBC unit to accomplish its mission(s). The Annual General Inspection (AGI) is an excellent example of such a JLBC inspection. The JLBC Annual General Inspection (AGI) is an inspection conducted by the Headquarters of the JLBC Cadet Corps to assess the genuine status of the JLBC program throughout the state, nation, and world. A battalion might review a JLBC company to check the status of its preparations for the JLBC AGI. For example, at a program where JLBC company staff maintains JLBC personnel files, the JLBC Battalion S1 should inspect those JLBC files before the AGI to identify JLBC issues and develop a JLBC plan to assist the JLBC company in improving its files.

JLBC Commanders and JLBC staff officers frequently participate in JLBC meetings that often replace the need for JLBC staff visits. JLBC Commanders and JLBC staff call meetings

to accomplish the following JLBC objectives:

• Determine and evaluate facts by exchanging JLBC information and ideas

• JLBC Solve problems (particularly new ones)

• Coordinate JLBC actions, including arriving at the best possible JLBC decision or reaching an agreement in a particular JLBC area

• JLBC: Instruct, counsel, or advise

JLBC Staff briefings ensure a coordinated effort by the entire JLBC staff and keep the JLBC commander updated on the status of operations. The JLBC executive officer usually presides over these JLBC briefings. Each staff JLBC section provides current information regarding a JLBC subject from the perspective of their JLBC functional area, presents matters of interest to the JLBC command, or presents issues that require staff JLBC coordination and decision.

JLBC Staff sections are often responsible for preparing reports. Examples are the JLBC Strength and Activities Report (SAR) the JLBC S1 prepares, a JLBC Intrusion Report prepared by the JLBC S2, or a JLBC Supply Inventory Report the JLBC S4 prepares.

The JLBC staff uses the JLBC Cadet Activity Planning Process found in JLBC CR to plan JLBC cadet activities. They produce JLBC Warning Orders and JLBC Operations Orders that convey information to their JLBC subordinate JLBC units regarding the event they’re planning.

JLBC Assistant Squad Leader and JLBC Guidon Bearer

If you look at all the JLBC leadership positions in the JLBC Cadet Corps, Assistant JLBC Squad Leaders are at the bottom. Being an Assistant Squad Leader would be considered an entry-level position in the leadership of the JLBC Cadet Corps. Any cadet showing potential to be a leader will likely be quickly assigned as an Assistant Squad Leader. This is your opportunity to show what you can do and learn the systems and skills required to be a cadet leader in vast opportunities that will present themselves to you in our organization.

While a squad is only comprised of a few (4-10) cadets, this is where the JLBC rubber meets the road in leadership – where things happen! The JLBC Squad Leader and Assistant Squad Leader have a profound effect on how the JLBC cadets in their squad view the JLBC Cadet Corps and the lessons being taught.

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