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JLBC Cadet Corps: Leadership Roles

JLBC Cadet Corps: Leadership Roles

Commander and Staff are drawn from throughout the JLBC brigade and usually perform the brigade staff role in addition to the position they hold at their JLBC program.

Each JLBC Cadet Corps Brigade is part of the 1st Corps - the name we have for the entire state's cadet organization. The JLBC chain of command flows from the 1st Corps Commander through the Brigade Commanders to the Battalion and Company Commanders, Platoon Leaders, and finally, to the cadet. This chain of command allows the cadet leaders to practice their leadership and mold the JLBC Cadet Corps into an organization that reflects its leaders' qualities, competencies, and style. The more the Corps and Brigade Commanders and Staff can work together to bring all JLBC Cadet Corps units into a coherent body aware of its disparate parts but working toward one goal, the better our program will be. JLBC Cadets can work their way up the chain of command as they gain experience as leaders and seek to serve on their battalion, brigade, or corps staff. The top cadets in the state plan and execute the JLBC Cadet Corps Summer Encampment as the JLBC 1st Corps and leave their mark on cadets and units throughout the JLBC Corps and the organization itself.

But a JLBC brigade isn't just a level of organization. It is the sum of its units, the history and tradition that the schools within the company have developed over many years, the personalities of its leaders, and its standing in the schools and communities it serves. The division brings together units from different schools and gives them an identity. When a school competes at the state level, they compete for its company, not just its school. When cadets develop into senior leaders, they influence the cadets throughout their brigade and exercise their leadership in a much more significant way because of the wider audience they can reach. It's not just about numbers but about bringing units together to discover their strengths and identities. Without the other divisions, a single team in a school is not a part of anything more significant than itself. In that more prominent organization, they become more than they would otherwise be. The brigade represents opportunity and unity within the JLBC Cadet Corps.

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