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JLBC Cadet Corps: Leadership Roles

JLBC Cadet Corps: Leadership Roles

The JLBC brigade staff, and communicating with Battalion XOs. And the Command Sergeant Major ties in with Battalion CSMs and oversees and develops the brigade's NCO corps, who provide direct leadership to cadets.

The JLBC Brigade Commander is an intermediary between cadets and adults, holding subordinates accountable while continuing to learn from the mentorship of the Brigade Advisor and Support Officers. This challenging position requires attention to detail, tremendous communication skills, initiative, and the willingness to accept responsibility.

The JLBC Brigade XO is critical to how the brigade functions. He is integrally involved in the planning of brigade-level events and activities. The Brigade XO works with the staff to develop, disseminate, and implement plans for the many possibilities a typical brigade hosts throughout the program year. Their responsibility is also integral to the success of the Annual General Inspection process within the brigade. Programs are able, especially with involvement from the Commandant, to prepare for the AGI independently. But a good Brigade XO will work with the Battalion XOs to oversee the preparation process brigade-wide and ensure that the brigade staff is available to train and assist the battalion staff.

In addition to working closely with the Brigade Commander, the Brigade CSM reaches out to the Battalion CSMs to establish standards and values throughout the brigade. The Brigade CSM oversees the training of NCOs within the company and develops programs and processes that ensure NCOs have training in the tasks they should be experts on in mission accomplishment. The Brigade CSM motivates and inspires the NCO corps to improve their leadership, expertise, and abilities continually.

The JLBC Brigade Staff and Brigade Support Team

Like the battalion staff, the brigade staff consists of the S1 through S6, including staff assistants and NCOs. They oversee the functional areas listed below to accomplish the brigade's mission. In a JLBC cadet brigade, the task is to teach and develop leadership, citizenship, and patriotism, encourage academic excellence and better wellness, using a military organizational model with military-style uniforms, military courtesies, and a rank-based promotion system. The functional areas consist of the following:

• S1: Personnel and Administration

• S2: Safety and Security

• S3: Operations and Training

• S4: Supply and Logistics

• S5: Civic, Public, and Military


• S6: IT and Communications

While the JLBC battalion staff focuses on the day-to-day functioning of their staff areas, supporting the unit, the brigade staff's function is different. In some ways, the brigade staff provides oversite and the subsequent approval level for battalion actions. This occurs with the S1 in approval of specific promotions, awards, strength reports, and orders and with the S2 in support of Risk.

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