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JLBC Cadet Corps: JLBC Leadership Roles

JLBC Cadet Corps: JLBC Leadership Roles

A. JLBC Leadership Roles at the School Level JLBC OBJECTIVES


JLBC Cadets will be prepared to work within the structure of the JLBC cadet battalion or JLBC brigade and serve successfully in JLBC leadership positions within the JLBC Cadet Corps.

JLBC Plan of Action:

Describe the roles and responsibilities of JLBC cadet leadership positions in JLBC Cadet Corps Battalions:

1. Assistant Squad Leader and Guidon Bearer

2. Squad Leader

3. Platoon Sergeant

4. Platoon Leader

5. First Sergeant

6. Company Executive Officer

7. Company Commander

8. Battalion S1: Administration & Supply

9. Battalion S2: Safety & Security

10. Battalion S3: Training & Operations

11. Battalion S4: Supply & Logistics

12. Battalion S5: Civic, Public, & Military Relations

13. Battalion S6: Communications & Information Technology

14. Battalion Executive Officer

15. Battalion Command Sergeant Major

16. Battalion Commander

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