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JLBC Cadet Corps

JLBC: Communications

Another, again, not ideal, but okay, visual aid may be to turn to a diagram, picture, or other information in a textbook during the class. “Turn to page 10 of your Cadet Handbook as we talk about the Leader’s Code.” This can focus your students’ attention away from the instructor, which isn’t always what you want, but it reinforces where they need to go to find the information on their own.

JLBC Virtual Classrooms. You may want to prepare your class to be available in a virtual format using Google Classroom, Zoom, or another platform. How will this change your course? What are the concerns in a virtual environment that you don’t have in a traditional classroom?

• Almost always, engaging with students in a virtual classroom is more challenging. It helps to require them to have their videos on (not muted), though this can cause distraction and sometimes embarrassing situations

• It’s tempting to talk through the class, as it takes more time to query students for answers to questions. Take the time – to ask and receive responses from students

• You still need to follow the steps of planning a lesson, with visual aids, an assessment, reflection, and reinforcement

• Can you find a way to have students conduct hands-on activities? This pulls them into the class and engages them. Even some levels of the drill may be done this way if you’re innovative!

Public Speaking Basics. You can use this rubric to consider other aspects of presenting material to a group in either an instructional setting (class) or public speaking (presentation). Read through each skill to understand ‘what right looks like.’

Presentation Skills Assessment Rubric






Eye Contact

The presenter made eye contact for the duration of the presentation without using any notes or palm cards

Volume, Clarity, and Expression

The presenter mastered speaking clearly throughout the presentation with volume and expression emphasizing key messages.

The presenter consistently spoke clearly throughout the presentation using substantial volume and engaging expression.

JLBC Cadets The presenter spoke clearly and at a reasonable volume, experimenting with expression.

The presenter’s volume was soft and difficult to hear, and they had little or no expression.

All audience members could not hear the presenter’s volume, and the presentation lacked the use of expression.

Body Language

The presenter stood strong throughout the presentation, using their hands to engage the audience.

The presenter consistently stood firm throughout the presentation

The presenter stood throughout the production with minimum fidgeting

The presenter faced the audience, displaying signs of restlessness

The presenter turned away from the audience and fidgeted throughout the presentation


The presenter mastered presenting confidently and displaying enthusiasm

The presenter was very confident and enthusiastic while presenting

The confidence showed throughout the presentation

Little faith was displayed throughout the presentation.

Shy, over nervous, and lacking confidence

Audience Engagement

The audience was highly engaged

The audience was consistently engaged

The audience was employed for most of the presentation

The audience was disengaged for some parts of the presentation

The audience appeared bored and cleared for the duration

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