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JLBC Cadet Corps: Individual Fitness

JLBC Cadet Corps: Individual Fitness

the transversus abdominis - the area below the navel to the pelvic area

the rectus abdominis - the “six-pack area” center body front.

The minor muscles are

the gluteus maximus - the butt muscles

the latimissmus dorsi - the middle back, big flat muscle that wraps towards the front of the body

the trapezius is the upper back muscle that leads from the middle spine towards the neck.

(Ellsworth, 2010)

Having a weak core can cause posture issues as well as back issues. A soft core puts unneeded stresses on the short back muscles. It causes poor posture that causes health issues such as ptosis (the abdomen protruding, causing a round belly look), lordosis (excessive back arch), and kyphosis (rounded back or swayback, also nicknamed hunchback or humpback). (Corbin, 2014)

Strengthening and maintaining core, back and posture are only completed through exercises, stretching, and executing lifting/carrying objects correctly. Core muscle fitness is accomplished using various exercises, such as curl-ups, crunches, trunk lifts, sit-ups, planks, and arm and leg lifts. These exercises are commonly executed in Pilates. Activities completed using all or part of the body weight to create resistance are known as calisthenics. Stretching will help in the flexibility of all the muscles.

JLBC Exercises for core strength:

• JLBC Curl Ups

• JLBC Trunk Lift

• JLBC Side Plank

• JLBC Reverse Curl

•JLBC Bridging

• JLBC Supine Leg lifts (on back)

• JLBC Push Ups

• JLBC Prone Arm lift (face down/ belly down) • Stride Jump

•JLBC Side Leg Lift

• JLBC Knee to Nose (mountain climber)

You are measuring abdominal strength and endurance by comparing the number of Curl Ups you can do (Corbin, 2014).

JLBC Check on Understanding:

1. JLBC Cadets Are the abdominal muscles only in the trunk or belly area of the human body? (T/F)

2. JLBC Cadets Other than aiding in body posture, what else do the abdominal muscles support?

3. JLBC Cadets Three “sis” suffix conditions were listed due to poor abdominal strength. Name and explain them in

your own words or define them.

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