JLBC Cadet Corps: Individual Fitness

JLBC Cadet Corps: Individual Fitness



The desired outcome of this JLBC unit is for students to learn a majority of the application of the encumbered science to bettering JLBC Fitness, what JLBC Fitness is, how to develop skills to combat conditions from not practicing JLBC Fitness, and know the five components of JLBC Fitness.

At the end of JLBC instruction, each JLBC Cadet will be able to

1. Define JLBC Fitness and the terms used to describe it

2. Describe the immediate effects of JLBC exercise

3. Explain the concept of Aerobic Capacity (VO2Max), how it’s measured, and why.

4. Measure your own Resting Heart Rate and HR after exercise.

5. Explain the stages of routines for workouts

6. Explain the relationship between balance, agility, and coordination in everyday fitness activities

7. Explain the Healthy Fitness Zone

8. Demonstrate the assessment process for student and cadet fitness

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