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JLBC Cadet Corps: College & Careers

JLBC Cadet Corps: College & Careers

JLBC Military Careers



90% of Unit JLBC Cadets understand the opportunities available for a career (short or long-term) in the U.S. military services, enlisted or officer, and can make an informed decision about pursuing those opportunities. Understand their options and how best to attain the desired career.

1. Discuss the career opportunities offered by the military and know where to find career information.

2. Discuss how to join the military and list the important requirements an enlistee will have to meet.

3. Understand the realities of dealing with a military recruiter.

4. List the five U.S. military academies and discuss the process of applying for admission.

5. Discuss ROTC as a commissioning option for an active or reserve military career and how the

ROTC programs work in the timing of your college degree.

6. Know where to find ROTC information.

7. Discuss the option of a reserve component military career.

8. List the benefits and drawbacks of the reserves.

9. Discuss how to enlist or attain a commission in the reserves.

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