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JLBC Cadet Corps

  1. Class 3101: Military Cryptography: This class will introduce cryptography as used in the military, including code-making, code-breaking, and secure communication protocols.

  2. Class 3102: Humanitarian Law and the Armed Forces: Cadets will learn about the principles of international humanitarian law as they apply to the conduct of armed forces in times of conflict.

  3. Class 3201: Defense Technologies: This class will explore cutting-edge technologies in defense, such as drones, artificial intelligence, and advanced surveillance systems.

  4. Class 3202: Climate Change and Security: Cadets will examine the impacts of climate change on national and global security and the military's role in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  5. Class 3301: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation: This class will teach cadets negotiation and conflict resolution techniques, focusing on de-escalation strategies and peacebuilding.

  6. Class 3302: Cultural Understanding and Cooperation: Cadets will study the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures in military operations, focusing on cultural sensitivity and cooperation.

  7. Class 3401: Advanced Unarmed Combat Techniques: This advanced class will delve deeper into unarmed combat, including advanced self-defense techniques and martial arts training.

  8. Class 3402: Underwater Operations: This class will introduce cadets to underwater operations, including basic diving skills, underwater combat, and the use of underwater equipment.

  9. Class 3501: Emerging Threats and Security Challenges: Cadets will study emerging security threats, such as cyber warfare, biosecurity risks, and other non-traditional security challenges.

  10. Class 3502: Cadet Corps Final Review and Assessment: In the final class, cadets will undergo a comprehensive review and assessment of their knowledge and skills gained throughout the program. Completing this last review will mark the cadet's readiness to graduate from the Cadet Corps.

This completes the comprehensive list for the JLBC Cadet Corps. It provides an in-depth exploration into the military, leadership, and global security aspects, preparing cadets for diverse challenges and roles they may encounter in their military careers or related fields.

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