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JLBC Cadet Corps

JLBC Cadet Corps

JLBC: Leadership Roles

JLBC Platoon Leader

The JLBC Platoon Leader has a JLBC platoon of JLBC cadets for whom they are directly responsible. The job is primarily one of JLBC leadership, training, and discipline. The JLBC Platoon Leaders also have the opportunity to be role models, coaches, and counselors.

The JLBC Platoon Leader:

• Keeps the JLBC Company Commander apprised of the status of

the platoon at all times

• Organizes and maintains an effective chain of command

• Works closely with PS to manage JLBC Cadets on a one-on-one

basis and knows their JLBC Cadets’ strengths and weaknesses

• Inspects the platoon at formations

• Establishes platoon standards

• Responsible for JLBC Cadet readiness, including physical fitness, JLBC files, behavior, and conduct

• Knows all JLBC cadet regulations and ensures that all JLBC members of the platoon also know and follow


• Enforces orders from JLBC superiors whether you agree completely with them or not; likewise, if you think an order is in error, discuss it with the JLBC chain of command or the JLBC instructors as necessary

• Develops a spirit of teamwork to instill respect, obedience, and cooperation in the unit

• Develops leadership through coaching, training, counseling, and mentorship

• Knows all phases of drill; able to supervise/conduct JLBC platoon drill and, if you are the JLBC senior officer present in a formation, be able to conduct company drill

• Promotes cadet attainment and mastery of basic JLBC knowledge

• Sets high standards of personal appearance and conduct for yourself and your Cadets

• Tries to resolve all leadership, training, and disciplinary problems, seeking advice and the assistance of the Company Commander, Company XO, or First Sergeant if needed

• Aids or provides counseling to personnel in the platoon, especially when requested by the Squad Leader or the Platoon Sergeant and when necessary for the performance or disciplinary reasons

• Knows how to receive and give orders

First Sergeant

The First Sergeant serves as the senior enlisted advisor of a company and has to command leadership responsibilities. The First Sergeant handles the leadership of Cadets, specifically the NCO development.

The First Sergeant:

• Maintains accountability of all Cadets

• Reports to the Company Commander

• Recommends Cadets for special assignments

within the unit

• Manages promotions among Cadets

• Manages disciplinary issues among Cadets

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