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JLBC Cadet Commander correspondence.

JLBC Cadet Commander correspondence.

Compile and maintain personnel rosters of all JLBC cadets and their JLBC units of assignment, and assign JLBC cadets as needed to JLBC units.

Record JLBC cadet attendance at PT, leadership labs, and other JLBC functions and provide by name lists to JLBC cadre advisors.

Consolidate JLBC promotion/demotion recommendations and establish JLBC personnel notification rosters.

Prepare and publish JLBC orders as directed and assign additional duties as required by the JLBC Cadet Battalion Commander or XO.

Keep the JLBC cadre adjutant informed of all matters.

JLBC Intelligence Officer (S­2) ­ Some major duties of the JLBC S­2 are the following:

Prepare and distribute the JLBC cadet newsletter every week.

Keep a record of all JLBC Battalion activities.

Supervise the JLBC S­2 staff section and coordinate staff activities with other JLBC units.

Additional duties as assigned by the JLBC Battalion Commander or XO.

JLBC Operations Officer (S­3) ­ Responsible for planning, coordinating and executing all JLBC operations and training activities. These activities require close and frequent coordination with other

JLBC staff sections and schools. Some significant duties of the JLBC S­3 are the following:

1. Publish a semester training schedule for all JLBC cadets.

2. Plan, coordinate, and monitor all training activities.

3. Prepare operations JLBC orders in support of training.

4. Identify transportation needs for the JLBC cadet battalion.

5. Coordinate all physical training, including JLBC PT.

6. Coordinate joint operations.

7. Supervise the JLBC S­3 staff section.

8. Prepare and coordinate JLBC S­3 staff actions with other staff sections.

9. Coordinate with the JLBC cadre operations officer.

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