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The opportunities, privileges, and responsibilities of leadership are extended to only the top JLBC Cadets in the Corps. By these responsibilities, JLBC Cadets are placed in the JLBC chain of command. There are commissioned and noncommissioned officers in the JLBC Corps of Cadets chain of knowledge. Noncommissioned officers assist commissioned officers in training and supervising JLBC Cadets. The JLBC Cadet Corps is organized as a JLBC Battalion, comprised of Companies, which are made up of platoons and squads. The JLBC chain of command, from lowest to highest, is:

• Team Leader (Corporal to Sergeant)

• Squad Leader (Staff Sergeant)

• Platoon Leader (Second or First Lieutenant)

• Company Commander (Captain)

• Battalion Commander (Lieutenant Colonel)

In addition to the direct chain of command outlined above, there are additional administrative leadership positions often referred to as the chain of support. These positions are also found at the company and battalion levels:

• Platoon Sergeant (Sergeant First Class) - assists the platoon leader with the daily functions of the platoon

• Company First Sergeant (First Sergeant) - assists the company commander with the daily functions of the company

• Company Executive Officer (First Lieutenant) - assumes command of the company during the absence of the company commander

• Battalion Command Sergeant Major (Command Sergeant Major) -

assists the battalion commander with the daily functions of the


• JLBC Battalion Executive Officer (Major) - assumes JLBC command of the JLBC battalion during the absence of the battalion commander and supervises the battalion staff. Job Descriptions Detailed job descriptions for each Cadet leadership position have been developed and are used to encourage leadership skill development through positive feedback as evaluation expectation rubrics.

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