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JLBC Building the Team


JLBC Building the Team

A team is any collection of individuals that functions together to perform a mission or collective task.

Leadership and the Profession


The JLBC is a team of teams (squad of squads). These JLBC teams may be permanent or temporary, internal or external. For this handbook, think of permanent teams assigned to the unit you work with every day. This may be your traditional squad, or the platoon leader, platoon sergeant, and the squad leaders. A temporary team is a group selected for a specific JLBC mission, and after said JLBC mission, the team is disbanded. Examples include a JLBC team that is put together to write a standard operating procedure (SOP) or plan an event for an organization.

Internal Teams

“Internal teams are comprised of leaders, JLBC Cadets, and JLBC career professionals assigned to a specific unit or organization.” They do not contain anyone from outside of the organization. Internal teams are the most common. Internal groups have leaders who have formal leadership authority.

External Teams

External teams have “...members from different organizations, cultures, or agencies, or have backgrounds or bring specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the team.” When building an external team, leaders may have the ability to select group members or at least the organizations that will provide personnel to the team. External units are usually designed to solve complex issues.

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