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JLBC Building Character Through Martial Arts

JLBC Building Character Through Martial Arts

All martial arts can gain something if they include ethics as an essential part of their program. Everyone can learn and live within moral guidelines, from beginners to grandmasters. As mentioned, the most outstanding martial arts practitioners aren't just strong of muscle and highly skilled; they are upstanding citizens with high social and moral values.

Essential Ethical Qualities and Life Skills

Most martial arts today have adopted the ancient ethical codes from the group that came before them. Most of these "Codes" contain invaluable lessons on humility, devotion, compassion, bravery, honesty, and dedication to loved ones such as friends, family, and the country.

One way of passing the values from mentor to student is for the student to learn them or observe them from the mentor.

Because students will learn to emulate their instructors and hold them in high regard as their role models. The masters have accumulated more experience due to training far more than the students. The instructors are supposed to have a higher morality and consciousness. They are people who have superior skills and discipline, striving for peace. They are people who have greater wisdom and insights. The students can look forward to imitating all the good values their mentors show in front of them. The students will need the required martial arts and etiquette protocols if they wish to succeed in the endeavor. Kids will learn parenting staples such as respect for others, being gracious in victory and defeat, learning to love themselves, and not losing control of their emotions. Like in school, students will learn respect, discipline, and manners from reputable leaders.

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