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JLBC: Budget Cuts

JLBC: Budget Cuts

We are often faced with limited resources. An individual or an organization can have all the drive and ability necessary to complete a project. Still, when resources are limited, we must know how to prioritize our needs. This activity teaches youth how to do this through a budget reduction process.



Was it more difficult to revise the budgets the first time or the second time? Why?

How did your group prioritize when it came to taking away funds? Why did you make the budget cuts where you did and why?

What were the final results of the budget cuts on the events? How did the different last events compare?

Which individual/group did the best job revising their budget? Why?


The United States budget is always a controversial political issue. What are some of the significant problems part of the budgeting process?

Unlike the federal government, the state government cannot operate at a deficit. How does that affect the budgeting process? Compare and contrast the different methods.

How do government officials decide the local, state, and federal budgets?

OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

modify priorities when resources are limited. Categorize expenses. Compare different budget reduction strategies. Learn negotiation skills.


Learn budgeting skills. Resource management.


Copies of YOUTH FAIR

AND AWARDS RECEPTION BUDGET Activity Sheet Pens or Pencils

Flip chart paper

TIME: 45 minutes


Comfortable room with tables and chairs.

Give each person a copy of the YOUTH FAIR AND AWARDS RECEPTION BUDGET Activity Sheet. Allow everyone to read the budget before you explain the activity.

Tell participants that there have been budget cuts and that they will have to cut $1000 from their budget. Discourage any interaction between the youth.

Have participants team up into groups of three or four and have the youth present their revised budgets to their group. Note similarities and differences between the participants' budgets.

Give each team a group copy of the YOUTH FAIR AND AWARDS RECEPTION BUDGET Activity Sheet. Tell the teams that they have lost another source of financing, and each small group will have to work together to cut an additional $1000 from the budget (an overall $2000 budget cut). Groups can use revisions from participants only in their small group.

Have teams present revised budgets to the entire group and note the similarities and differences between the different groups.

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