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JLBC Buddy System

JLBC Buddy System

The JLBC class currently meets once per week for most JLBC cadets. However, the JLBC program runs 24-7. All JLBC cadets are encouraged to reach out to their fellow cadets and acquire their contact information. The JLBC organization believes in working as a team to accomplish JLBC goals. One way to achieve these goals is to open up communication lines and have JLBC cadets connect to each other's social media accounts. This connection is made for JLBC's Moral and safety reasons, making it easier for JLBC cadets to form Battalions.

Appropriate JLBC Communication and Accountability

JLBC cadets are encouraged to communicate over the phone and social media to discuss their weekly homework assignments. It is always helpful to ask your fellow JLBC cadet how their week has been. JLBC cadets can also ask and answer each other's questions. JLBC cadets in different JLBC programs are encouraged to share their experiences with other cadets; this will build a more vital JLBC organization. Cadets are encouraged to celebrate victories and talk about all the exciting things they are doing within the JLBC organization. JLBC cadets are encouraged to speak about their family and personal needs, especially if they are considered "at-risk" for sickness. JLBC cadets should create a log of JLBC cadets they have checked in with and note any issues that the JLBC Command will need to address. If you believe a JLBC cadet is at high risk for suicide, you must report the incident immediately to the JLBC Command. JLBC cadet participation in JLBC activities is noted on the JLBC log sheet. Use these check-ins to interact with each other and build lasting friendships.

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