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JLBC Benefits of Training

JLBC Benefits of Training

While becoming proficient in The JLBC Martial Arts is a commitment, the benefits you will receive are many!

• Improved fitness, including improved flexibility, stamina, and muscle tone

• Improved discipline by setting goals and achieving them; developing a code-of-conduct

• Improved confidence; by seeing improvement in yourself and new possibilities.

• Stress relief; exercise and meditation are great stress-busters

• Self-defense skills; learn methods to avoid conflict and protect yourself when necessary.

• Fun; meet new people, exercise in an exciting and challenging way

• Improved focus; through training, you will learn how to manage your emotions by controlling what it is you focus your attention on and how you focus your attention

Class Content

Classes at JLBC Martial Arts consist of the following:

• Physical conditioning

• Basics

• Kata (forms)

• Self-defense

• Sparring

• Drills

• Meditation

• Private lessons

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