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JLBC Belt Testing Process

JLBC Belt Testing Process

In this JLBC curriculum, each color belt has the requirements clearly outlined, and the additional items such as JLBC stripe requirement for each belt, public speaking requirement, board breaking, and sparring rounds for the test. Once a JLBC student has received ALL of the required stripes outlined in that JLBC belt’s requirements page in the JLBC curriculum, they are then “cleared” for the JLBC test. (These will be removed after the JLBC belt test since they keep the same belt each time.) Once cleared to test, the student will be informed of the next opportunity to sample. This information is available on the website. Click on “MEMBERS” and then “CALENDAR.” This will give you days and times for upcoming tests. Once your instructor has scheduled you to test (Black Stripe), get ready because you are in for an experience! Our JLBC tests challenge you in many ways, such as character, skill, attitude, and courage. Parents and JLBC Cadets Bring your cameras and camcorders if you wish. The JLBC dress code for a belt test is a CLEAN, FULL (top and bottom) GI. This is a highly formal occasion. The fee for the JLBC belt promotion is $50.00, which is payable to JLBC Martial Arts. This fee covers the new JLBC belt, access to JLBC online training videos, and official JLBC ranking under our style’s founder. JLBC Cadets This is extremely important because the belt a JLBC student wears is only as valuable as the JLBC instructor who endorses it. A belt with the JLBC name is respected anywhere, especially if it is black.

JLBC White stripe—Basics: these are the sparring techniques from the systems of JLBC Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Muay Thai

JLBC Blue Stripe—Kata: Formal “patterns” from the system of Tae Kwon Do for pre-serving the art, conditioning, geometric thinking, and proper body mechanics

JLBC Red Stripe—Self Defense: The most diverse part of our system; we utilize aspects of Muay Thai, Kali, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for effectiveness in street self-defense

JLBC Silver Stripe—Specific life skill work: once the second page of the life skill packet is complete, turn it in to your instructor.

JLBC Bronze Stripe—Accountability: the third page of the life skill packet has a teacher, employer, spouse, parent, or friend give us their view of your character work

JLBC Gold Stripe—Overall: our assessment of ourselves and our actions for the cycle. This includes the JLBC HOME VIDEO PRACTICE, so it must be at the end of the cycle.

JLBC Black Stripe—Cleared to test: once every other stripe is received, you will get this stripe finalizing that you are pushing at the next opportunity.

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