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JLBC Being realistic

JLBC Being realistic

Your arrival as a JLBC team’s new leader will raise expectations of change for the better. However, you may discover that some expectations are less than realistic. For example, your team’s previous leader may have provided detailed guidance on how work should be carried out. If your leadership style is more about empowering your team to make their own decisions, they may initially feel poorly supported and even resentful

of the added responsibility. Early in your tenure, ask others what assumptions they have about you and your role.

• Outline what success looks like to you.

• Does their view match yours?

What expectations do they have of

• how long will things take?

Have they been made any unrealistic promises about what you will deliver? You can then begin addressing discrepancies between their expectations and your reality.

Are you ready for anything?

Are your findings complete and accurate?

How are internal systems audited?

What are the processes, culture, and structure of the organization?

Who are your key stakeholders?

Are there potential problems?

Ask crucial questions

What are the aims of your organization or team?


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