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JLBC Begging

JLBC Begging

The standard procedure is to advise to desist

An arrest may be necessary per employer policy

Business or peddler violation

Inform the complainant of the employer's policy

Determine if civil or criminal

Refer to legal assistance if civil

Respond in terms of statute or ordinance if criminal

Check on welfare of citizens

Become familiar with addresses of invalids or elderly citizens on the beat

During the patrol, check the above addresses for signs of inactivity

Newspapers on the porch

Lawn needs cutting

Check with neighbors regarding invalids and elderly citizens

Ring bell or rap on the door of a citizen in question

If there is no answer, contact relatives, friends, and neighbors to ascertain if forced entry into

residence in question is necessary

As a last resort, enter the place in accord with department policy

Lockout of vehicle

Check department policy

I May be able to use 􏰁slim jim􏰂 or another device (if authorized)

If entry is not possible, assist in contacting the locksmith

children or animals in a vehicle in hot or cold weather may require immediately forced entry

Locked out of the building

Verify that citizens should have access to the property

Attempt to assist if entry is possible

If entry is not possible, offer to help them to a phone to contact a locksmith, etc.

Service complaints

Courteously inform the complainant that complaints about service do not fall within the scope of the Guard􏰀s duties.

Direct complainant to the appropriate party

Disorderly public conduct

Identify elements of disorderly conduct

Take arrest action if necessary

Downed wires

Keep citizens at a distance

Notify the fire department of the situation

Take precautions necessary if wires are across the vehicle

Notify agency, business, or company whose lines are down

Notify department supervisor

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