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PARENTS – within the first 12 weeks alone, you will see your child come out of their shell and be excited to come to JLBC to learn new things. The one-year journey and beyond is truly transformational and remarkable. You will see your kids shine confidently and hear their teachers praise their discipline and focus. At first, however, it can be daunting and scary, so please talk to your children, encourage and support them by getting them excited to come to JLBC, and keep that motivation up each week. Consistency is key.

We promise to honor each of our students and families and make you feel right at home by tailoring classes to achieve your goals. We are very excited to work with you and take this journey toward your child’s success.

NOTE FOR JLBC CUBS PARENTS (AGE 2-4): Please also wear comfortable clothes, and be prepared to help facilitate your children learning by holding pads on the training floor. Please be ready to have bare feet, and for health and safety reasons, we ask that full-length t-shirts/tops are worn that cover shoulders (no vests, crop tops, or low cuts). Trousers should come below the knee.

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