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JLBC Battalion S-3

JLBC Battalion S-3

The JLBC S-3 is responsible for training, plans, and operations. Specific duties include:

Prepare and post weekly JLBC training schedules and maintain JLBC training files.

Develop and publish JLBC letters of instruction for special JLBC training or JLBCceremonial events (Veterans Day ceremonies, Memorial Day activities, etc.).

Maintain the JLBC Cadet Library (inventory, loans, text requisitions, etc.).

Plan for and supervise JLBC ceremonial units (JLBC Color Guard, JLBC Honor Guard, JLBC Saber Detail, and JLBC Firing Details) in coordination with the JLBC Command Sergeant Major.

Prepare JLBC Certificates of Training and JLBC Cadet Challenge Certificates for signature by the JLBC Command.

Maintain the JLBC classroom and a bulletin board for training information.

Prepare the JLBC Battalion's gym or drill field for JLBC ceremonies and other JLBC events.

Maintain a JLBC record of all extracurricular activities conducted by the JLBC Battalion.

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