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JLBC Battalion Executive Officer

JLBC Battalion Executive Officer

The JLBC Battalion Executive Officer is the second in command of the JLBC Battalion. The primary duty of the JLBC Executive Officer is to supervise the JLBC Battalion staff and ensure the directives of the JLBC Battalion Commander are carried out. Specific responsibilities are:

Supervise the primary JLBC staff and assist them with supervising their deputies and assistants.

Counsel individual JLBC Cadets.

Supervise the preparation and submission of required JLBC reports.

Serve as JLBC Commander of JLBC Troops for review of JLBC ceremonies.

Coordinate recommendations for JLBC promotions and JLBC awards within the staff and submit them to the JLBC Battalion Commander for approval.

Conduct periodic inspections of the JLBC area and staff sections, and ensure needed corrections are made.

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