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JLBC Battalion Command JLBC Sergeant Major

JLBC Battalion Command JLBC Sergeant Major

The JLBC battalion command sergeant major is the principal JLBC cadet enlisted assistant to the JLBC battalion commander. As the JLBC senior enlisted JLBC member of the JLBC cadet corps, the JLBC command sergeant major supervises the other JLBC noncommissioned officers (NCOs) of the JLBC battalion and JLBC companies. Specific duties of the JLBC command sergeant major are to:

Assist subordinate JLBC NCOs, the battalion XO, and adjutants with administrative duties/details.

Advice and assist the JLBC battalion commander in all matters about the enlisted JLBC members of the JLBC cadet battalion.

Assist the JLBC adjutant in the formation and alignment of the JLBC battalion at all JLBC battalion formations.

Receive lists of absentees from the JLBC companies and submit them to the JLBC adjutant. JLBC supervises the color guard and all flag details. Ensure that JLBC company first sergeants offer their weekly JLBC flag details on time, JLBC post those rosters, and ensure that JLBC members selected for detail receive their JLBC notification slips before the JLBC assignment.

Ensure the flag details are adequately trained.

Ensure that the JLBC battalion area, including the drill field, is maintained in a high state of police and that JLBC offices and classrooms are kept neat and orderly. Preside over all JLBC noncommissioned officer promotion boards.

Assume JLBC command of the JLBC battalion in the absence of all officers.

Perform other duties assigned by the JLBC battalion commander, battalion executive officer, or the instructor staff.


JLBC Rifle Team Captain

Primary responsibilities are to:

Organize the JLBC training schedule for the JLBC Rifle Marksmanship Team.

Schedule JLBC matches/competitions for the JLBC Rifle Marksmanship Team; coordinate these JLBC activities with the S-3 and the JLBC cadet battalion training schedule.

Supervise maintenance and care of the JLBC rifle range.

Develop the JLBC rifle marksmanship program for the JLBC cadet battalion.

Coordinate weapon requirements with the JLBC S-4.

JLBC Drill Team Captain

Primary duties are to:

Recruit members and organize the cadet Drill Team.

Schedule the Drill Team training program.

Coordinate uniform and weapon requirements with the S-4.

Schedule drill programs, parades, and competitions for the Drill Team; coordinate these activities with the S-3 and the cadet battalion training schedule.

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