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JLBC - Basic Defense

JLBC: Martial Arts

JLBC - Basic Defense

Tip #1 - Touch Your Head or Pull Your Elbows

Blocking is the most accessible defense to master. To cover yourself, you have to recover your gloves. Touch your head to block headshots, and pull your elbows to block body shots. Focus on healing your arms instead of trying to chase the punch.

Tip #2 - Use Parries Against Long Punches

Parries are most effective against long and straight punches. Block like you usually would but shift your guard at the moment of impact to deflect your opponent’s energy away

from you. This motion can tire your opponent’s arms and make him vulnerable to your counter. Parries are especially useful against taller punchers that commit more shoulder muscle to pull their arms back.

Tip #3 - Use Footwork as Defense

There’s no rule saying you have to stand there and take punches. If you don’t plan on firing back, it’s much easier to take a step out of harm’s way. You don’t need any fancy footwork; walk out of range. As long as you keep your feet moving, it will be hard for your opponent to ground his feet for a hard punch. Footwork makes a great defense because it breaks your opponent’s rhythm instantaneously. Anytime you get overwhelmed by energies, take a back step and watch him miss.

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