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Several distinctive awards are authorized for the JLBC cadets to recognize outstanding academic performance and leadership of the specific display of courage. Medals, ribbons, badges, and certificates are awarded following JLBC publications in the following categories:

Note 1: National Awards are determined based on recommendations from a committee chaired by the Commander. In turn, the Commander forwards Award recommendations to the SASI for final disposition.

Note 2: Senior cadets are responsible for all details for the annual awards ceremony in May of each school year. Typically, this includes developing the script, announcing each Award, coordinating the event with the school and the Parent's Group, etc.

Note 3: Medals and ribbons WILL NOT be worn simultaneously. Medals may be worn for formal, semi-formal, and special occasions of a limited nature (as specified by the SASI). Place medals on the mounting rack in the proper order of precedence. Instructions on stacking multiple awards and wear of devices on ribbons and medals. The ROUTINE WEAR of medals is PROHIBITED.


1. Gold Valor Award - awarded to cadets for voluntary acts of self-sacrifice and

personal bravery involving conspicuous risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

2. Silver Valor Award - awarded to cadets for a voluntary act of heroism that does not meet the risk-of-life requirement of the Gold Valor Award.

3. Cadet Humanitarian Award - to recognize cadets who provide aid in response to a singular extraordinary event such as a natural disaster or another catastrophe that has placed or has the potential to place a hardship on their fellow citizens.

4. Silver Star Community Service with Excellence Award - consists of a ribbon with a silver star device and certificate. The Silver Star Community Service with Excellence Award will be an honor that emphasizes the value of community service and establishes a greater sense of pride within the corps. The Award will be given to cadets in the Top 5% of units who have:

a. The highest "per cadet average" community service hours.

b. "Countable" hours must be logged into the platoon and be accomplished by IAW published


c. Countable hours will be from 11 April (previous year) to 10 April (current

year). HQ will use the last PSR cadet enrollment and the hours submitted in the platoon for that period to calculate the Top 5% units and notify the units earning the Award.

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